About TShirtHero

Top quality designs for great prices

Design and Creativity

All of our designs are exactly what you are looking for. We take your feedback and use it to form our collection. So look out for your new hot design ideas added to the store regularly.

Who Are TShirtHero?

We have been selling tshirts in our North London store since 2013. Ten years later, in 2023, we decided to go big and we have opened our online store with a huge collection of tshirts so that we can serve the whole of the UK. 

This is just the start of our story, and you are part of it. We’re excited about growing with you, taking your ideas and putting them into action. So come along for the ride. We’re certain it’s going to be a fun one! 


Quality Designs

We base our designs on your requests. So get in touch if you have an idea and we will be happy to accommodate it. 

Sustainable Products

Our products are made from sustainable materials and printed and distributed from within the UK. So they’re better for the environment! 

Fast Shipping

Don’t suffer long delivery times, when you can get your tshirt delivered from one of our UK production facilities!

Lavena Aroda

Art Director

Kalee Wahet

Marketing Head

Khaal Wastine

Creative Artist

Jane Bullock

Creative Artist